Just Mama and the kids

Dada and Uncle Save went to the casino in Dubuque tonight. Aunt  Jeni  and the kids were going to come but poor Tyler fell and hit his head and had to stay home and rest. So tonight it’s just Mama and the kids. This afternoon we went to Madtown Twisters for open gym. To say the kids loved it is an understatement! Cell phone pics don’t do it justice in places like this. 

 The kids loved the trampolines the most. They also had fun hanging on the bars. We keep talking about getting Allie into gymnastics. 
 They especially loved the trampoline jump into the foam pit. Even Peyton got brave enough to jump in.     Peyton’s jumping in was running to the end and then sitting down and hopping in.   He was very upset when it was time to go.   Even though our next stop was to Toys R Us to by him a trike! He has a bike that’s a bit small, this one should fit him better.  We got some supplies for pancakes in the morning and Little Ceasars pizza to take home for dinner.   

Then after Peyton went to bed Allie got to stay up for movie night slumber party. She was so excited for popcorn but then didn’t want any. We got The Good Dinosaur, but Mama missed a lot since I had to go in with Peyton to get him to sleep.   Then Allie was ready for bed anyway. So we will watch the movie in the morning.

Allie kept saying she was having too much fun. We had a good time, but we do miss Dada. 


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