What we’ve been up to: Milwaukee Public Museum

A few weeks ago we headed to Milwaukee to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Its been a while since we went to Milwaukee, and the only time we’ve been to this museum was back in 2008 before the kids were born. That feels like such a long time ago! This museum had the perk that Peyton is still young enough to get in free!

The special exhibit was Ultimate Dinosaurs. The kids were very excited to meet them. The first picture is entering the museum though.

The kids were impressed by the big skeletons, but I don’t think they really understood what the skeletons meant.

They were more excited by the play sets at some of the exhibits and tablets by others. Mama and Dada appreciated it though!

They had a couple boxes going into the museum with the dinos inside! This one was mad, making noise like he wanted to get out! A red box in the other lobby was quiet. The kids said that dino was sleeping.

The next highlight of the museum was the butterfly room.

Allie was bummed none of the butterflies landed on her. They seemed to like Mama though!

Next to the butterfly room is the bug exhibit. They had some creepy stuff in there! Below Peyton is looked at cockroaches, ewww!

I don’t remember what these are, but they look plenty scary and creepy!

They had a big beetle kids could sit on. Can’t really tell from the picture that’s what it is!

Also in the area were more butterfly displays.

Next we went to the rainforest exhibit. It had a bottom level and top level, which the kids liked. I don’t think they understood when we told them how cool the top of the rainforest is though. I like these pics by the water fall even though the light wasn’t good and I was using my phone.

Dada and Mama enjoyed the Old Milwaukee exhibit, though Peyton was upset we had to get off the choo choo train. The entrance was through this trolley that felt like it was moving!

We walked quickly through the Crossroads of Civilization exhibit, realizing right away this wasn’t something to go through with kids, especially since the 3-year-old was still cranky that we took him off the choo choo train (this was a good 15-20 minutes after we left…)

It was neat to see though, even just a glance.

We walked quickly through the European Village exhibit before calling it a day. It was set up as a typical European village neighborhood and each house/room around was modeled after a different country. Mama and Dada appreciated this one more than the kids, though they liked the fountain.
It was a long and tiring day, but so fun and worth the money spent. We saw a lot, but there’s so much we didn’t see! Hopefully we can go back there again soon.


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