A perfect day in April

To continue my trend of very late blog posts…

April 16 was the kind of day we’d been waiting all winter for! We started with a princess and super hero pancake breakfast at the high school. Peyton’s Spiderman costume is too small, so he just wore his Batman jammies. After the yummy pancakes the kids made super hero masks.

Allie wore her Sofia dress. 
I don’t remember what organization put on the breakfast, but the kids were so nice! They brought around more food, cleaned up quickly and played with the kids, including photo ops. Allie was so excited to take a picture with Elsa! They played some fun games too. 

After breakfast we went home to get a few things done. Then after lunch we went to the Midwest Horse Fair! We went a few years ago on Sunday afternoon when it was raining. That Saturday was perfect. The kids looooved it, especially Allie. There was so much to see!There were a lot of show areas with performances and seminars going on. Allie was very interested in the seminars, but we couldn’t really sit or stay in the same place too long with Peyts.

We walked around and saw horses in their pens. We even got to pet a few!

Allie got to give one some straw!

Allie and Peyts found a kid-size spot to see the arena!

We liked seeing this horse with a pink hand print! There was a blue one on the other side.
Pretty stallion!

The highlight of the day was pony rides!The kids loooved the pony rides, though Peyts wouldn’t go without Mama. That was a long day at the fair. Then we went home and the kids were still raring to go! They played in the back yard almost until it got dark!That was such a fun day. We were glad we had decided to go to the fair on Saturday because the next day Peyts got sick. That day was not a fun one.


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