I’m running a half marathon in one week!

By the way… have I mentioned that I changed my race plan? I’m running the Madison half on the 29th of this month, rather than the Her Madison Half next month. That’s only a week away! What?

I’ve been running so well. I remember at a point 2014 before running the Madison Mini feeling like I was running well, but by the time I got to race day I lost it (well, it was also super hot that day, why I had vowed never to run a half in August!).

Anyway, I’ve been very happy with my running lately at the same time I’m a little tired of training. I’m using a training plan for the second time and I think I’m realizing that I am not a big fan of long training plans. This one as written is 16 weeks.

But fueled more by feeling like I’m running well and not wanting to lose that before race day (at that point 8 weeks before Her Madison and 4 weeks before Madison), I decided to pull the trigger and register for Madison. The elevation profile is MUCH better for Madison, and Madison was also cheaper. I would have been training for Madison the whole time, but since its so hard to train for spring races, I went for the later one.

And it was meant to be, because the weekend I registered, they had put out a coupon code!

I’ve continued to run well, though I was aware of busy times in May and coordinating to fit in long runs. I did it the first weekend, by running 13 miles on Mothers Day (I didn’t mind that so much because I could eat whatever I wanted!). The next weekend we were going to Chicago, so I took Friday off to run 14 miles. Only I wasn’t able to as we had a big change in plans. So I took another day off last Wednesday to run 14 miles. I ran 12 and wished I’d cut it off at 10. I suppose skipping to the last month of the training plan isn’t the best way to train.

I’m choosing to believe that a tough last long run before the race means that race day will be amazing!

So one week out… and suddenly its hot. I won’t go through all the details of my last long run, but I know that part of what made it tough was the temperature. This morning suddenly it was 68 by 9:30. By time I started at 10 it was 71, and 75 by the end. Yikes!

Its going to be warm next Sunday too. Temps this week are pretty much the same, low in the low 60s and high 80! The race starts at 7, so hopefully the temp at the start will be low 60s. But it warms up fast and who knows what it will warm up to! This makes me very nervous about the race!

Today was the Green Bay Marathon. I ran the Green Bay half in 2012 when they called off the race because of extreme heat. It won’t be that extreme next weekend, but I haven’t run in temps this warm until this week. So I’m totally not acclimated. But I think waiting for the half in June may have been worse. So it is what it is, and I will make the best of what I get!

I ran 13.1 miles on Mother’s Day in 2:30:36, a mere 36 seconds off my goal! Surely I will run a tad faster on race day and beat my goal, as long as the temperature doesn’t affect me too much.

So in April I ran 104 miles. In May unfortunately I won’t make 100. I would have, except in addition to missing my long run last Friday, I didn’t run all weekend, only 9 miles last week. Last weekend was totally worth skipping the running though! I hope to be more punctual and catch up on blogging very soon!

So I had been undecided about running two or three times this week before the race. I ended up having a very active day today when it was 80 because I planted my garden! Wow, I sweated a whole heck of a lot. So no running tomorrow. Short runs Tuesday and Thursday. I may still run three times though as I’m considering a race sponsored shake out run on Saturday. I’ve always tried to rest as much as I can the few days before a race, but maybe running the day before is key!

At any rate, I’m as ready as I can be. I think this race represents my best chance in the last few years to beat 2:30 and maybe even get somewhere close to my PR of 2:21.

And I will not mind taking a break in training that comes after race day!


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