Congratulations Aunt Jeni!

Mother’s Day weekend was a busy one, starting out with my sister Jeni’s graduation! Jeni graduated with her masters in social work on May 7 from George Williams College of Aurora University! Jeni has worked hard for the last three years to earn her masters degree, going to school on weekends and coordinating a full-time job and her family. Yay Jeni!

For the graduation ceremony we had to park off site and take buses to the campus. Great opportunity for selfies!

George Williams College is a gorgeous and picturesque campus on the shores of Lake Geneva in Williams Bay. Oh the scenery!

The graduation ceremony was outdoors and we saw the scenery because Peyton didn’t want to sit during the ceremony…

But we got a front row view for the closing procession!

So proud of my sissy! She coordinated her undergrad degree with a full-time job as well. I never could have done school and work at the same time! Now she’s on the job hunt and I have no doubt she will end up in the best place to utilize her talents!

Congratulations Aunt Jeni!


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