Chicago weekend!

Two weeks ago my baby brother Jacob graduated law school from DePaul University. We decided to make it a weekend.

We drove down on Friday and stayed in this fancy hotel!

We scored a great deal on Hotwire. I love Hotwire!

We got there later than planned on Friday, so we just ate McDonalds in our room. The kids liked having a picnic.

Our activity Saturday was the Lincoln Park Zoo! They are Chicago’s “free” zoo… except it cost $35 to park. That along with lunch, however, was still way cheaper than Brookfield. And we really loved it!

It was very chilly and windy that day. In spite of wearing our winter coats and at times being very cold, we really enjoyed the day.

First up we saw the big cats.

This lynx was an early favorite. She was really active and trying to pounce on birds that were outside her enclosure.

After the flamingo/swan pond, we saw small mammals.

Allie got a map and became our tour guide.

We walked through a children’s zoo area and then took a ride on the choo choo train. The kids loved it.

After lunch we went to see the primates.

When we got to the gorillas, we liked see how big their hands are in comparison to ours!

It was fun to roam the oasis in the middle of the city. They have a nature boardwalk but we didn’t have time to walk it, just took a pic!

After leaving the zoo, we drove around a bit. I wanted to see where Jacob went to school. We drove around DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus… only to find out later that DePaul has two campuses and Jacob went to the one in the Loop. Oh well, we tried!

We liked seeing the neighborhoods and buildings. I like visiting… I have no idea how we’d ever live there!

Our hotel in Schaumburg and right next to Portillo’s! Since we’ve never been, that’s where we went to dinner after the zoo.

It was actually my first time having a Chicago-style hot dog. It was pretty tasty!

And the chocolate cake… yum!

Then we went back to the hotel to relax a little bit and go to bed.

Sunday was the main event, the reason we made the trip! My baby brother Jacob got his law degree!

So proud of you baby brother!
family jacob grad

It was exhausting to have graduations two weekends in a row… but that was better than two in one weekend! It was worth it to see my sister and my brother both receive their advanced degrees. Jeni and Jacob are both on their way to great things!


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