Memorial day wanderings

Memorial Day weekend was a great way to welcome summer. The weather was beautiful. I was trying to rest for my half on Sunday, but we enjoyed the weather on Saturday with lunch at Culvers and a visit to Monona Terrace to pick up my race stuff and enjoy the view from the top.

The kids aren’t huge fans of ice cream… are they really mine? But they enjoyed it on this day! I think pics of kids eating ice cream are adorable.

After lunch we headed downtown and enjoyed the walk to Monona Terrace. Love the sunglasses.

At the race expo, they had a wall with all the racers’ names. I found mine right away! Can you see it?

Then we headed to the Monona Terrace rooftop. This view never gets old.

My race bib! Yes, I did use that ticket to the left to claim my beer.

Sunday after the race we did a whole lot of nothing. I even got to take a nap! We had wanted to see the Mad City Ski Team’s first show of the season, but Peyton slept too late and we weren’t about to wake him up. So instead we headed to the playground!

You can see the clouds in the background here… we came out in between rounds of rain.

And then the rain hit! We got to play for about a half hour so the kids were happy. And on the way home we saw a rainbow! You can’t tell in these pictures, but there was actually a faint second rainbow on top.


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