Brats and bouncy houses

As always, the highlight of Memorial Day weekend was Brat Fest. We’ve been to Brat Fest every year even though they keep hiking up the prices. When I first went to Brat Fest in 2006, everything was $1. This year, my 11th, everything was $3! It gets more expensive and more crowded, but we love it. This year we went on Monday and had a lovely hot day.

Peyton looked cute eating his hot dog, but don’t let this picture fool you. He only ate about two bites. Well maybe four… he ate a bit and then ran around and then came back to eat some more. We need to remember to decrease the kids’ food by half and then it won’t cost so much for food they don’t eat!

After eating we headed over to the kids zone for the bouncy houses. They also had some mascots there! Peyton liked waving to them, but wouldn’t go close enough for pictures.

Peyton didn’t want to go in the bouncy house at first, but when we finally got him in, he loved it!

They stayed on the open house for a while, but then started exploring others. By the end they went up and down this slide a whole bunch…we were quite surprised on their first trip that Peyton actually did it. Then we couldn’t get him off.

It was so cute, they went down together every single time.

And later, we were thrilled that Peyton went right down for nap!


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