End of school festivities

Allie didn’t have a kindergarten graduation. And I liked it that way. Instead of graduation, families were invited to school for a presentation showcasing what the kids learned this year. They started with singing some super cute songs.

After the songs, the kids each got a gift and a hug from Ms. Connell. We love Ms. Connell!

Then Allie showed us some of what she did last year. We looked through her binder with her writing. I didn’t realize how much they had already been learning in kindergarten!

Bridget got to come too!

The afternoon ended with refreshments and a slideshow. I really enjoyed getting that glimpse into Allie’s school! We are so proud of her!

The PTO hosted a family fun night in the week before school ended. That was a fun way to end the year too!

Peyton was a big fan of the popcorn!

They had a police dog, fire truck and ambulance for kids to explore.

And of course the bouncy houses!

Maybe the favorite part though was just playing on the playground. Peyton really liked this particular slide.

And when did he learn to climb like this?! My kids keep growing up even though I told them they can’t!

And we ended the evening with cotton candy.

The kids had a bunch of fun activities the week before school finished. I asked Allie if they were still learning anything or if it was just a big party? She said they were still learning a little.


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