O-fish-ally a first-grader!

After all the festivities, suddenly it was the last day of school.

Peyton likes to go outside to watch for Allie’s bus. He likes to wear his backpack even though he’s been out of school since early May and besides he doesn’t take this bus. Doesn’t matter to him!

My big girl in front of our beautiful flower bush and the unmowed lawn. That grass is growing fast lately with all this rain!

In a weird turn of events, Peyton actually wanted to be in pictures. Aren’t the adorable?

I have to take multiple pictures to make sure her glasses are up on her face and she’s not closing her eyes.

Getting on the bus on the last day…

And after school, we o-fish-ally have a first-grader!

And the flashback to 4K graduation!

And to the last day of 4K!

And then the first day of kindergarten.

My sweet girl has grown so much. She’s made a lot of friends and she’s learned a lot. She had a little difficulty with reading in the middle of the year, but thanks to some extra help, she was reading over the goal level by the end of the year! She is taking summer school for reading and writing to make sure she keeps her skills up for next year. She’s at the age where she likes school… she’s asked every day this week if tomorrow is summer school!


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