Miss you Dad

Father’s Day is always bitter sweet for me.
July 31l1104a
This year marks 23 years since my Dad died. One of my friends posted on Facebook today a picture with words something like “I wish I could hug my Dad again.” I don’t remember his hugs. I’ve lived two-thirds of my life without him. I miss him.
July 31i807
Especially lately, I’ve been feeling very reflective about so many things in my life. I’m not really sure why. But inevitably I find myself reflecting on that part of my life and wondering what it would be like if he hadn’t died. I have no doubt he’d be proud of me and his grandchildren.
Going to the Vilas Zoo was always a big event. I do remember that. We went today. I always think about how big it seemed when I was a kid vs. how small it feels now. I’m sure Grandpa Dennis would be taking his grandkids to the zoo. He was with us today. He’s with us every day.


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