Cows and cars

Its Dairy Month in Wisconsin! That means the annual Cows on the Concourse… two weeks ago. We discovered the event when Allie was about a year and a half old and we have gone almost every year since. The kids LOVE seeing the cows up close.

Cows on the Concourse wasn’t complete without a drink of milk! Peyton got chocolate and Allie got strawberry. Don’t let their sweet teeth tell you wrong, they both LOVE white milk too. We go through a TON of milk every week.

The other event that day was a new one for us, Cars on State. It was a big car show on State Street, which is on the other side of the Square from Cows on the Concourse. After walking around the Farmer’s Market for a bit, we decided to go over and check it out figuring the kids would think the classic cars were neat. Mama and Dada thought they were neat too.

It was quite toasty that day, so we only saw the cars for about two blocks. The cars went on several more blocks down the street, but it was hot and we had to trek back to the other side of the Square to where we parked.

It was quite a trek back to the car and we were all pretty wiped out by the time we got home!


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