Monthly Archives: July 2016

Freedom run 10K

We started our July 4 with Mama running the DeForest Freedom Run 10K! The last time I ran this race I ran the 5K when I was very newly pregnant with Peyts in 2012. It was crazy hot but I still managed to run a near-PR. I went into the race with low expectations because […]

July 17

Peyton got a haircut today! He was so good! It only took a bribe with a sucker. He’s such a big boy. I can’t let the day go by with out my July 17 tribute. Today my Dad would have been 70. What would life had been like if he hadn’t died? What does he […]

Midyear running

A few days past the middle of the year, I’ve run more miles than I expected! Total 2016 miles so far: 459.9. I’ve run three┬áraces so far this year… the Shamrock Shuffle 10K in March with a result of 1:12:22, the Madison Half Marathon with the result 2:40:35, and the DeForest Freedom Run yesterday with […]

Mama’s new toy!

Look what I got! Its been nearly a year since my old Garmin 205 bit the dust. It lasted 7 years! I’ve been tracking runs on my phone, but it’s been getting old because I don’t have an arm band for my phone, so I had to carry my phone in my pocket. Not to […]