Mama’s new toy!

Look what I got!

Its been nearly a year since my old Garmin 205 bit the dust. It lasted 7 years! I’ve been tracking runs on my phone, but it’s been getting old because I don’t have an arm band for my phone, so I had to carry my phone in my pocket. Not to mention it zaps the phone battery.

Anyway, when I found out I would be getting a merit bonus a few weeks ago, I decided to get a new Garmin! A year ago I had chosen the Forerunner 10 but I wasn’t able to buy at that time. When it was actually time to buy this time, I decided on the Forerunner 25, which is a newer version of the 10 and also the newest version in this particular line. I chose it for its smaller size and bluetooth connectivity. And oh the bluetooth connectivity is SO COOL.

I also like how the watch fits, though its taken some getting used to wearing a watch again! The 205 was a big watch and fit on the wrist kind of weird. The band was clunky and didn’t sit well. This one is a lot thinner and easier to use.

I had thought the GPS on my phone measured long. But I took my phone Wednesday morning on the first run with the Garmin and it was pretty much the same. When I was researching on Amazon, some reviewers didn’t care for the simple screens showing only two data fields at a time, but I don’t mind it at all. Time and distance is all I really need to see when I’m out running. I’ve used the new Garmin for three runs now and I really like its functionality!

I also really like the Garmin Connect app! I never connected my old Garmin to the computer because it didn’t upload the data right and it was a different system. I would just copy info into my log. The app interface has a ton of info though. And being able to sync it using the bluetooth is great because I don’t use my home laptop every day.

I had considered getting an activity tracker watch, but in my research it didn’t seem like those would track running the way I wanted to. But this Garmin is an activity tracker too, with a step counter and sleep tracker. I don’t think it does as much tracking as other dedicated activity trackers (or maybe it does, I don’t know), but what the Garmin does is enough for me! Another reason I chose this one is because it will sync with My Fitness Pal, which will make my calorie tracking more accurate. Here’s today’s steps so far!

And how my day is shaping up so far (but with no calories tracked yet)…

I do think its pretty neat how it tracks sleep. I don’t know how it knows when I’m sleeping… maybe it has to do with time of day and/or when the watch isn’t moving? I don’t wear it while sleeping though, so on mornings when I don’t run and instead get up and shower first before I put it on, it says I sleep a little longer than I do. That doesn’t bother me though, I don’t really have much use for that aspect of it right now.

What I really did like about taking my phone on runs was the pictures. I took a lot of pictures of the same areas, but the sunrise doesn’t get old. Of course I can still take my phone if I want to! I did this morning!


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