Midyear running

A few days past the middle of the year, I’ve run more miles than I expected!

Total 2016 miles so far: 459.9.

I’ve run three races so far this year… the Shamrock Shuffle 10K in March with a result of 1:12:22, the Madison Half Marathon with the result 2:40:35, and the DeForest Freedom Run yesterday with a very surprising time of 1:09:58 (more on that tomorrow). I have been thrilled with my two 10K results and less than excited about the half marathon. Overall I see my running improving in the last few months!

I haven’t decided if I’ll run another half this year. I’m in this sort of in between where I don’t feel like I need a race for motivation. But at the same time I still want to try to beat 2:30. But I don’t love training, at least training plans.

I have a loose goal of running one race a month until November. A June race didn’t happen though, but I may make up for it with two July races. The first is the Freedom Run 10K on yesterday and the second is tentatively the Waunafest 10-miler on July 30.

I’ve been doing long runs again in preparation for the 10-miler. Those preparations will also help me keep my mileage up for if I decide to run another half this fall. Maybe that “non-training” training will be the key to finally break that 2:30 barrier!

I logged 77 miles in June, which was surprising to me as I just ran the half in May and I wasn’t really feeling “into” running for a bit.

My mileage goal at the beginning of the year was 700. Since I’m already over 450 at the halfway point, I think I could get to between 800 and 900. I have a hard time finding my info on previous years, but I think my max mileage has never been much over 700 in any year. From what I can find (and I’m surprised I haven’t kept better track) is that my highest mileage year was 2012, with 750.4 miles… and that was the year I was pregnant with Peyton! I’m beating that this year for sure.


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