Freedom run 10K

We started our July 4 with Mama running the DeForest Freedom Run 10K! The last time I ran this race I ran the 5K when I was very newly pregnant with Peyts in 2012. It was crazy hot but I still managed to run a near-PR.

I went into the race with low expectations because my legs had been pretty fatigued the few days before and I had hurt my neck the day before. I ended up complicating my race by missing the 10K start! I realized too late I was lined up with the 5K runners and I didn’t even hear a start gun! I started about two minutes after everyone else. Oh well, right? It was a little frustrating to be running by myself the whole time, but no expectations and no pressure! I even managed to pass a couple women who had also started late. That made me feel good.

I started out very fast for me with a 10:07 for the first mile! But then imagine my surprise as I kept running so fast for me and feeling great! I clocked every mile under 11 minutes, which hasn’t happened in a VERY long time. I even took some brief walk breaks up a couple hills.

Dada and the kids drove to see me around the mile 4 mark. It was nice to see them, especially still feeling good!

I finished with a Garmin time of 1:07:56, official time 1:09:58. Even my official time was well beyond my expectations! To compare, I ran the Shamrock Shuffle back in March in 1:12:22, and I was pretty satisfied with that time!

My splits for the Freedom Run: 10.07, 10.39, 10.58, 10.48, 10.48, 10.48 and 3.50 for the .22 (really .37 by my Garmin). WOW!

Right after finishing I was sure that was a PR. Alas, I was a lot faster in 2008 when I set all my PRs. My PR from September 2008. But I think there’s such a thing as post-kids PRs, right?

I had wanted to run the Waunafest 10-miler at the end of this month. Thats another of my favorite races, and I haven’t run it since before Peyton was born, but I couldn’t tell you when. I’ve been cutting back running the last few weeks since the Freedom run though. I didn’t really do it on purpose, but I can tell my body needed the rest. So while I will try to do more long runs, I won’t run that race this year. So next I will pick an August race, assuming its not too awful hot.


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