Monthly Archives: August 2016

Blooming butterflies and frozen custard 

In the first few days this month in looking for something to do, I realized it was the last days of Blooming Butterflies at Olbtrich Botanical Gardens. Doug and I first visited the gardens for this exhibit 10 years ago! And it was that first visit we decided that was where we wanted our wedding. […]

Where did summer go?

AKA end of summer photo dump. Funny my last post on Aug. 1 started “catching up on old posts…” and then I don’t post again for nearly a month. And now all of the sudden its time for the obligatory “where did summer go?” post. I don’t update as often as  I should because either […]

Parade time!

I’m finally catching up on older posts! After I finished the Freedom Run 10K on July 4, we stayed in DeForest for the parade! The kids had a great time. We got there a bit later so we didn’t get a seat right on the curb, but the wonderful people who were sitting in front […]

A day at the pool

It hasn’t been quite a month yet! We celebrated Independence Day weekend with Sunday afternoon at the pool, Goodman Aquatic Center. We’ve been to a few public pools in the area and even though this one costs a bit more, its our favorite. We had a nice time together. Peyton got comfortable in his new water […]