Where did summer go?

AKA end of summer photo dump. Funny my last post on Aug. 1 started “catching up on old posts…” and then I don’t post again for nearly a month. And now all of the sudden its time for the obligatory “where did summer go?” post.

I don’t update as often as  I should because either when I think about it I don’t feel like it, or I get hung up on going on chronological order. So while I could blog about last weekend’s 5K right now, I have to wait until I chronicle the last nearly two months’ worth of goings on. Right now, that approach is out, at least for now.

What have we been doing since July 4? Quite a bit actually, yet as the last few weeks bring summer’s close, I am sad we didn’t do more!

So to start, a photo dump of various things from the last two months that don’t get their own blog posts, because if they did, I’d probably never finish.

The kids really like to help Mama sweep. Sometimes its cute, other times its a tad inconvenient since I’d just like to get stuff done. But this time it was cute! Peyton got out the swiffer and was “sweeping” under the couch and belly laughing every time. It didn’t have a pad on it though, so really only stirred up the clumps of dog hair under the couch.

Our big July vacation will be its own post (eventually), but here’s the picture of Allie’s new swim suit. Her old one was the one we bought when Peyton was born, so more than three years old, very faded and worn out and also finally getting too small. She was so excited she got dressed in it rather than normal clothes the next day.

This was just a lazy Saturday morning, maybe the day she was wearing her new swimsuit. I love taking pictures of the kids playing nice together, because they’re starting to fight like siblings do.

In early August daycare was closed for her vacation, so Mama and Dada split staying home time. It was actually nice and not super hot, so we went out for a walk! I also thought the mosquitoes weren’t too bad that day, but we all got several bits that day.

And during that week it was school registration! Allie needed her bangs trimmed all summer, but I didn’t do it before Aunt Julie’s wedding. I shouldn’t have done it before registration AKA picture day, but I did and here’s how it turned out.

It didn’t turn out too bad, but we’ll have to wait and see how school pictures turn out. There’s always retake day!

We ended the week with Dada and the kids picking me up for a lunch date on Friday. The kids enjoyed the games at Red Robin, and Red Robin didn’t tell us ahead of time they charge like $4 to play their games!Of course that’s not much, but a little warning would have been good.

Peyton decided for nap time one day he wanted to sleep in Allie’s bed. He actually went right to sleep. So I started thinking, maybe its time to take the wall of his crib? NO! The next time he asked, instead of sleeping he took every single book out of the book shelf next to Allie’s bed. He still hasn’t climbed out of the crib, so in the crib he stays.

Peyton’s imagination is a hoot! He gets fixated on small phone-shaped items and calls them his phone. This particular night, he was wearing his favorite play shoes as well. He was walking around talking on his phone and also doing work on his phone. It was adorable!

Monk likes to sleep on the softest surfaces… looking like a princess on Allie’s princess chair.

More to come!


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