Blooming butterflies and frozen custard 

In the first few days this month in looking for something to do, I realized it was the last days of Blooming Butterflies at Olbtrich Botanical Gardens. Doug and I first visited the gardens for this exhibit 10 years ago! And it was that first visit we decided that was where we wanted our wedding. It was too hard to have the ceremony there but we had our great reception there!

Ten years later and it’s still one of our favorite places. The kids loved seeing all the butterflies!

After the butterflies we headed outside. The kids got butterfly passports so we headed out in search of their stamps. Allie had fun because she likes leading with maps and being tour guide. The gardens never get old. Not for Mama at least. But Peyton was cranky and we were all hot. Once we finished the butterfly passport we turned it in and the kids got coupons for free frozen custard!That perked the kids right back up! The frozen custard was a nice unexpected treat! What a nice family day. 


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