Monthly Archives: September 2016

Roo Run Run!

As expected, Mama did not run her 5K today. šŸ˜¦ But we did feel well enough to go to the zoo for Allie’s race. She was very excited to see zebra ears in her race bag when we picked them up Saturday. She wore them all day and I had to make her take them […]

Good neighbor festival 5k

Allie and I are signed up for the Zoo Run Run tomorrow. Me for the 5K and Allie for the kids race. And unfortunately I won’t be starting the race since I’m sick with some upper respiratory virus junk that hit me like a ton of bricks on Thursday and Friday. I feel well enough, […]

Apple pickingĀ fun

We did our apple picking a few weeks earlier this year the week after Labor Day. We got more apples than usual because the place we went had bigger bags, and two weeks later we’re still working on using them! This year we went to Sutter’s Ridge Farm in Mt. Horeb. It started with gorgeous […]

Picnic, hiking and playing in the sand

So if we’ve done the same activity two years in a row, is it a tradition? If so, I kinda like this one. On Labor Day we packed a picnic lunch and headed to Governor Dodge State Park for the first time. Last Labor Day we went to Governor Nelson State Park for hiking and […]

Where were you when?

It’s so strange reflecting on the events of 15 years ago today. I felt more choked up watching the coverage this morning thinking about those events and how our lives have changed since. On 9/11/01, I was a junior at EIU and I lived in a single room. It was a Tuesday and I had […]

A hike is always better with ice cream

No summer is complete without a trip to the Union Terrace! We went some time in July… maybe if I blogged more often I could remember the date! We took a nice hike on the Lakeshore Path. Well it was nice, except Peyton fell and skinned his knee and got blood on my shirt and […]

Fun day in the water

During vacation in August, we had a fun day at the splash pad! We started out with a trip to the Girl Scout store where Allie got a new doll with money she’d saved. Then we had a picnic and splashed for a while. It was a great day for it because it was really […]