Picnic, hiking and playing in the sand

So if we’ve done the same activity two years in a row, is it a tradition? If so, I kinda like this one. On Labor Day we packed a picnic lunch and headed to Governor Dodge State Park for the first time. Last Labor Day we went to Governor Nelson State Park for hiking and swimming. We didn’t bring our suits to swim this time, but we should have!

We started with a picnic lunch by one of the lakes, this one I believe is Cox Hollow Lake.

And then we went exploring.

We weren’t all that impressed with the beach at Governor Nelson State Park, but we really liked this one! It was a beautiful day for a swim. Instead we walked by the beach and then headed to the main reason why we picked this park.

When we decided we wanted to check out a state park on Labor Day again this year, we narrowed it down to Governor Dodge to see a waterfall or to another one whose name escapes me to see a natural bridge. We gave the choice to the kids and they chose the waterfall.

I was impressed by how well the kids did with all our hiking. I expected one or both of them to complain that they were too tired, but neither one did! It helped that we brought a ton of water along so they were never thirsty!

It was only a short hike down to see the waterfall!

The pictures don’t do it justice. While it is a small waterfall, or at least it was when we were there, it was still very picturesque and enjoyable!

We could walk all the way up to the waterfall and put our fingers in! I didn’t get all the way there because Peyton kept changing his mind. But Allie was brave!

And of course we took a fun family selfie.

The way down to the waterfall was pretty steep with rocks as steps and the railing only went part way down. But everyone got down and back up just fine.

It was a pretty long way down!

After we were done with the waterfall, we drove around the park more and stopped at the other lake to clean up and get ready for the drive home. The other lake I believe was called Twin Valley Lake. We were going to clean up, but then the kids decided to get more messy first playing in the sand first!

This lake and beach were so pretty too!

I really love the beauty of our state parks. And there are so many of them close by. This was a great way to wrap up summer and I definitely like thinking of this as our Labor Day tradition!


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