Good neighbor festival 5k

Allie and I are signed up for the Zoo Run Run tomorrow. Me for the 5K and Allie for the kids race. And unfortunately I won’t be starting the race since I’m sick with some upper respiratory virus junk that hit me like a ton of bricks on Thursday and Friday. I feel well enough, I think, to take Allie so she can run her race. So at least its not a total waste of money! I don’t really mind that though, I guess. Its for the zoo, which we love, so the money is for a good cause.

I’ve been getting faster in the last few months. At the Middleton Good Neighbor Festival 5K on Aug. 27, I came 41 seconds away from beating my old PR of 31:23, set way back in 2008. I was sure tomorrow would be the day I’d break it! Guess I’ll have to wait until October.

But tonight since I can’t run tomorrow, I’ll finally write about that great race!

Saturday Aug. 27 we woke up to rain. I don’t think it was even in the forecast, but there it was. I was hoping it would clear up before race time, but as luck would have it, it didn’t.

It didn’t end up being so bad though! We got there early to get my stuff and waited around for the start. Once it was time to run, I kinda forgot about the rain because it wasn’t too heavy. I don’t think I had any expectations for this race. I’ve just been running, but as I’d been running through the summer, I felt like I was getting faster and I’d really pick up the pace when the weather cooled. With the rain on race day it was a bit chilly.

I started and went out too fast like always, but I kept it up. I remember thinking this was a nice race with nice people… good neighbors I guess! The first mile or so was through a neighborhood and then we went into the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. Its a gravel path through the conservancy that went along a stream for most of it. The forest was a good cover fro the rain! The water in the stream was high and fast from all the rain. As we entered the conservancy, I had fallen in behind a father running with his son. They were running pretty fast, but I could keep up with them… for a bit. I eventually fell farther behind them, but there was another man who I stuck behind for a while. As I kept running, I was feeling tired, but keeping up the pace. It was hard though as I got to the end of the conservancy, there was a portion where we ran up a hill down the path and then had to turn around and go back to get to the road. I don’t enjoy out and back, especially at the end!

But by the time I left the conservancy, I was tired, but still running strong. All the people who I had been pacing by were gone, but I just kept going. I was glad when we finally made the turn to the finish! I was even more glad to see Doug, Allie and Peyton! We had gotten a good parking spot right next to the finish!

My splits were 9:59 for mile 1, 10:25 for mile 2, 10:29 for mile 3 and 9:15 pace for the last .1. My official time was 32:04, a mere 41 seconds off my 2008 PR! If I had thought about my PR ahead of time, I might have tried to hustle a bit more in miles 2 and 3! But no matter what, it was quite awesome and unexpected. I was definitely happy with that effort! It was more than 3 minutes better than my last 5K, the turkey trot last Thanksgiving.

Alas, I won’t be able to try and beat that PR tomorrow. Darn germs!

I chose the Good Neighbor Festival race in part because they had free kids races! Peyton was going to do a short “diaper dash.” He was excited until we got up to the starting line. He didn’t want to follow Allie, so just like how Allie ran her first race, I carried him. It was super short and we didn’t get any pictures!

Then it was Allie’s race. Hers was 1K, and she made sure to do her stretching to warm up!

She wanted me to run with her. OK, well I just ran 5K, what’s 1K more? We got a selfie before we started!

So it was actually pretty hard to run because she wanted to hold hands too! But I was thrilled she wanted to run because in the two kids races she’s done before she was a lot more resistant! I eventually got her to let go for a bit and then she grabbed again. But the race was out to a stop sign and then turn around and run back. Once we turned around, she let go of my hand and took off!

That’s my girl! It was so fun to see! The pictures I took while running are blurry, but priceless!

Dada got this one as she came in to the finish.

That was such a fun morning! Peyton didn’t care for the race, but he was excited about his medal!

I love that I can be a good example to my kids and that they are interested in running and moving! I can’t wait to see Allie run tomorrow, though she will want me to run with her. Hopefully that won’t be too difficult. Tomorrow’s race is only a half mile!


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