Roo Run Run!

As expected, Mama did not run her 5K today. 😦 But we did feel well enough to go to the zoo for Allie’s race. She was very excited to see zebra ears in her race bag when we picked them up Saturday. She wore them all day and I had to make her take them off for bedtime.

Zebra ears!

It was kind of nice being able to get to the race a little bit later. Allie said she had to practice as we were walking to the zoo!


Allie said she had to practice as we were walking to the race.


Peyton went straight to the lion for a picture… he usually runs away when I want to take a picture!

We got a rare treat since we came in by the lion, both lions were out and walking around! They’re usually lounging around or not in view when we go. I didn’t get any pics though, oops! We’ll settle for the lion statue.


Pre-race selfie. I still wore my zebra ears!

I tried to convince Allie she could run by herself. But she was afraid she’d get lost. And most kids had a parent running, at least for the half mile race, so I ran with her. Luckily it wasn’t really running as the run was around small paths outside the back of the zoo and there were a lot of runners.


Allie wore her race shirt and “zebra” skirt to complete the theme.


We did it!

Allie did great! I kept asking her if she wanted to run faster, but she didn’t. I was glad, in addition to my being very winded, it was also quite humid!


Allie loves her medal!

And the best part was getting the medal!


Penguin pics!



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