Julie and Tim’s wedding!

The big event of our summer was our vacation in July for Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim’s wedding! So of course I’d wait to blog about it until October! Better late than never I guess! Flashing back to July 20, the day we drove to southern Illinois. That week was the hottest of the summer… and we went south where it was even hotter! We spent a few days in Carterville in order to break up our trip and also see a good friend. Pics from dinner at Steak and Shake as we got into town Wednesday and Barnes & Noble Thursday evening.

Friday morning we drove to Sainte Genevieve, MO, to Chaumette Vineyards & Winery for the wedding. Oh my goodness, these views were amazing!
The first thing Mama and Allie did was join the girls at the spa for hair (Allie) and wine (Mama). It was so fun and everyone so pretty!

This is how Allie’s hair turned out. So pretty!

All the girls!

While the girls were getting pretty, the boys checked into the villas and I’m not sure what else. These were nice places! Allie went with the other girls to get dressed at the chapel. Then it was time for the rest of us to get ready!

How often do we all get dressed up (not often), and I never got anyone to take a nice full family picture!
At least we got one!

Beautiful wedding site and my beautiful kids!

Allie had gone to the chapel with the girls because that’s where her dress was. When we got there we promptly were reminded that we still had Allie’s shoes… and had left them in the villa. Dada had to drive back real quick and if I remember, I think the ceremony may have started a minute or two late because of us! Luckily it was only about a two minute drive so it wasn’t too late!
I just love this picture I caught of the photographer taking the picture of Peyts!
Then it was time for the wedding. It was quick, but beautiful.
Allie and Peyts did great! I was a little concerned Peyts wouldn’t walk down the aisle, but it was a short aisle and he did what Allie did. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of Allie dropping some petals.
Have I mentioned that this was during the hottest week of the year down in Missouri? We lucked out though in that the wedding day was overcast, so good for photos and also we didn’t completely melt. It was still pretty bad though.
Look at my big girl Allie!
So happy to be part of this special day!

I love this pic of Grandma and Grandpa Durso with all the grandkids!
After the wedding we headed to the reception for an amazing dinner, more wine and a little dancing and lots of celebrating.

Too soon it was all over! We were so tired, but Allie and I headed to the after party at the pool for a but, but Dada and Peyton went to bed. Saturday morning before heading home we had a fantastic brunch.

After brunch we headed back to Lake St. Louis to hang out with family that night and Sunday before heading home. This vacation and wedding were the best part of our summer!


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