Our perfect pumpkins

And suddenly October is almost over! Allie’s birthday and Halloween are upon us! The weekend before last we headed to Eplegaarden for our pumpkins. First we went on the hayride. We loved the horse-drawn ride!

No trip to the pumpkin patch is complete without our annual how tall this fall picture! Love it!

We decided to get some more apples this time too since we’d finished the batch from Sutter’s Ridge. And I was still very enthusiastic about baking with apples and eating apples. Confession… I’m kinda over the apples now. We didn’t get as many this time because they were really expensive. But we got honeycrisp, which are expensive themselves, so it worked out. The apples didn’t look the best and the trees were really tall and apples high up, so it was harder than we expected to fill our $14 bag. I’ve made one apple pie and I’m kind of tired of those too. But we’ve still got apples and I’ll use them one way or another this weekend.

But we did fill it! And we had walked out to some of the farthest parts of the orchard, so we had to stop for a breather on the way back.

Then it was time for the main event… the pumpkins! The kids were delighted to push the wheel barrow.

We had almost as tough a time finding pumpkins as apples. So many were bad looking and rotted. I’m not sure if the excessive rain we’ve had this fall contributed to this.

We searched far and wide, and finally found our three pumpkins at literally the farthest area of the pumpkin patch. But they were the perfect pumpkins.

We got two big pumpkins and Peyton got a little pumpkin. So cute!

Then Allie did all the work getting the pumpkins back to the car!

We carved the pumpkins this past Sunday. Well, by “we” I mean “me.” I carved them, but the kids liked watching the process and picked out the designs. Hopefully I can post the carved pumpkins before Halloween!


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