What sticks with me on the eve of the next four years

I don’t do politics. But I think it would be difficult to not do politics after living through this election. I’ve paid more attention and learned more than I probably ever knew about the democratic process. How can you NOT pay attention to this election?

I remember when I was first hearing about Donald Trump in the primaries. I couldn’t believe anyone was taking him seriously! And then he kept winning and then he was the candidate for president. Huh?

What kind of alternative universe do we live in?

I’m not writing this post to preach about who should vote or tell you that you should vote and what not. I’m writing this post to relate a life lesson I received in the past few days, courtesy of my newly-7-year-old daughter.

Allie was sick last week and home from school for four days. I was home with her for two of them. We don’t watch much live TV, or when we do its not generally local channels with the political advertising. We saw a lot of political ads.

One of the ads was for Hillary and it was a compilation of all the junk Trump has spewed over the last few months. One of the clips was the one of Trump calling a woman a piggy.

A few times since then when the subject of the election comes up, Allie said “Trump’s mean, he calls people piggies.”

We seize on the teachable moment to tell her you don’t call people that.

I don’t think… I hope, she didn’t know that in the clip he was calling a girl a piggy.

I pray that man doesn’t become president. I hate to think about the damage he could do to every part of our existence. But I have the most fear about how he can damage my children, especially my daughter.

I will say again I don’t do politics. I’m not writing this to argue. I’m writing this to say I’m with HER. Allie is all about Hillary and I am too.


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