Day off at the zoo

The weekend of Allie’s birthday was also a long weekend with Friday off school. We’d wanted to take a trip to Minneapolis. But Mama had a band concert that weekend and of course there was Allie’s birthday. We decided to take an overnight trip to Milwaukee instead because it was closer and cheaper. We had a lot of fun! We gave the kids a couple choices and they chose to spend Friday afternoon at the Milwaukee County Zoo. We hadn’t been there in a few years. The kids loved it! It was a little chilly and windy, but really it was beautiful.

The kids really like playing tour guide when there are any kind of maps to be used.

Allie decided we’d first go see the big cats.

We came out of the big cats near the giraffes and elephants. We have giraffes in Madison, but not so many!

We don’t have elephants in Madison. They were both really active when we were there. I think the elephants were my favorite.

Then Allie played tour guide again. We headed to the moose exhibit on the way to the wolves exhibit, Dada’s favorite. We saw the seals too.

Peyts got a little tired though.

Since it was October, they had all sorts of fun Halloween displays.

It was a very pretty walk to the wolf exhibit, but no pictures since the one wolf was hiding in a den. We could at least see him though!

A highlight of the day was the choo choo train ride. Peyton has been majorly into trains lately. And it was nice to sit down.

The walk to the primate area was even more picturesque!

We had plans for Friday night and it was getting late by this time. But after finishing the primates, we decided to check out the reptiles.

We lingered a while here, and probably would have stayed longer if it weren’t for our plans! We ended up having a long walk to get back to the front of the zoo and get in the car.

We saw lots of other stuff too and Mama took a ton more pictures! The zoo was such a fun day!


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