Milwaukee Saturday morning

After a super busy day on Friday in Milwaukee, we slept in a bit on Saturday, but not enough.

We woke up happy and with a mission: to eat breakfast quickly and then get to swimming before check out time!

These are the white tigers the kids got at the zoo. We bought them one little stuffed animal and they both wanted the same one! Allie’s was named Aurora and now I can’t remember the name of Peyton’s… and I don’t think either kid could tell you where they are.

But back to swimming! This hotel had a nice kids super shallow kids pool with a slide and other fun water features. Allie impressed us by swimming in the big pool a bit without her water wings, but we all stayed in the kids pool because the big pool was really cold!

Too soon it was time to get out so we could get dressed and packed up and check out of the hotel. We were headed home, but wanted to do something else free or cheap in Milwaukee for a little bit, so we went to Lakeshore State Park. While Friday was chilly and windy, Saturday was warm, still and sunny! We enjoyed a nice walk and nice scenery and photo ops!

We had fun taking a bunch of family selfies!

But I think the exhaustion of the previous 24 hours set in, and soon it was painfully clear that it was time to get in the car and head home. I think I was the only one who wasn’t crazy exhausted and who actually wanted to walk a bit more. It was definitely a good thing we weren’t staying in Milwaukee the whole weekend!

I had to carry my poor tired Peyts all the way back to the car, at least a half mile if not more. That boy gets heavier every day and my arms and back were hurting by time I could finally put him down! But you can definitely see how exhausted he was!

The kids perked up after we were in the car for a little while and then when we stopped for lunch. It was definitely a packed weekend already by time we got home Saturday, and then we still had Allie’s birthday on Sunday! But it was all so fun.


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