Now she’s 7

I can’t believe its already been nearly a month since Allie’s birthday!

When we were planning on going to Minneapolis for Allie’s birthday weekend, we would have come home on her birthday. As it turned out, we went to Milwaukee Friday and came home Saturday, so we were home Sunday for the big day. It was perfect!

The day started out with doughnuts for the birthday girl! They had fun jack-o-lantern doughnuts!

A little later we gave her our presents.

The kids both ask for anything they see on TV for their birthdays or Christmas. But the one item Allie has asked for forever is a Flip-a-Zoo, two stuffed animals in one, which you “flip” a cover to go from one to the other. This is a blurry picture, but you can tell that Allie approves.

Another fun item was Hungry Hungry Hippos. This one was Dada’s idea, and we’ve spent some fun times with it already!

Also on Allie’s birthday, Mama had a band concert. I would have loved if the kids would have been there, but since it was in a church and Peyts doesn’t sit still well, Mama went by herself. When I came home, I made Allie’s cake and then a short time later we went for our kids birthday tradition spot, Ella’s Deli!

Allie has been enjoying her new kid camera! She had one a few years ago, but Mama gave it away. It was given away because she hadn’t even looked at it in a while, but of course I got rid of it and then it was the only thing she wanted! So we got her another one for her birthday. It doesn’t have a flash or a USB cable, but it has games and she can take pictures.

After dinner and a free birthday sundae, it was carousel time!

I love these pictures of Peyton!

My pretty birthday girl on the pink horsey!

Then we headed home for cake!

My sweet baby girl is growing up! She’s so sweet, especially with her brother. Allie had a tough time starting reading last year, but now she’s doing so well with it! Everywhere she goes, she reads stuff to us and surprises us with what she knows. Dada and I are finding we can’t spell things around her that we don’t want her to know because she can follow the spelling of simple words! Allie loves Girl Scouts and swimming lessons and she has quite the active social life. I love seeing her grow and learn.


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