Elena and Marshall go trick-or-treating

At the end of birthday festivities…we have Halloween. Its fun for the kids and afterward I admit Mama and Dada have fun too. But cramming all those festivities into just a few days is exhausting!

Halloween was on a Monday this year. So we rushed home and quickly ate pizza for dinner, got the kids all ready and headed out for trick-or-treating. Problem was, Dada and Mama could both tell Allie wasn’t feeling good. But she kept insisting she was fine.

There’s not much around us for trick-or-treating, so we drove to our old neighborhood again just because that’s what we’re familiar with. It all started out fun in spite of Peyton face planting and Allie complaining she was cold. It actually was a very nice night as trick-or-treating weather goes.

Peyton was SO into trick-or-treating this year. He was running from house to house (and ended up face planting twice) and saying “trick-or-treat” and “thank you.”

I love the pictures of Peyton’s costume with the tail, even though its blurry!

Unfortunately we had to cut it short this year. Because Mama and Dada were right. Allie didn’t feel good. She told us about we’d gone down the side of one street and half of the other side. So Mama and Allie went back to the car and Peyton finished the last few houses.

Poor Allie’s been sick more than she’s been well on her birthday and/or Halloween! Poor kid! This time she ended up having bronchitis and she was out of school for the rest of the week! Allie told me when we were walking back to the car that she hadn’t felt good all day, but she wanted to take her birthday treat to school that day and go trick-or-treating at night. 😦 Poor kiddo!

At least the kids got to do most of the festivities. And at least this way they didn’t get too much candy! It was fun even if it was a bummer way to end it.


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