Farewell 2016

We had plans for tonight that we had to cancel because of a sick kid. I spent a good amount of time today being mad about it and having a bad attitude.
But it wasn’t all bad. Since we didn’t go out, I had time to squeeze in one more run in 2016. I ran my last miles of 2016 at the last sunset of 2016.

The run felt great. And it cleared my head, as so many runs do. And it boils down to this: kids get sick. But I’m grateful that the only sickness we have to deal with are the common cold or other virus. A family I know just had to bury their baby at Christmas.

We’ve had some rough years. But 2016 overall has been one of the better ones. I had a much better attitude when I got back from tonight’s run. Besides, that beautiful and thoughtful run wouldn’t have happened if we’d gone out tonight. Its all about perspective. Happy new year!


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