Monthly Archives: January 2017

Dose of cute

This morning we had to dust off the car and Peyton went out with Dada to help. It was so adorable! He took it so seriously. He also helped Bridget with her car later too.  Today I’m starting a consistent effort to be more positive. I was thinking about this earlier this month, but he […]

Holiday roundup, part I

We did so many fun things in the holiday season! We started the weekend after Thanksgiving with the Downtown Madison holiday open house, seeing Santa, putting up the Christmas tree and making gingerbread cookies! The following weekend, first weekend in December, we went to a lighted firetruck parade! After the parade we went to the […]

Bowling birthday party

Last weekend we went to cousin Tyler’s birthday party! It was supposed to be two weeks earlier, but he was sick. And then in between we got sick. But everyone was well for the party! We all had tons of fun and Tyler was excited about his presents. And we definitely want to go bowling […]

Happy Friday post: Banana muffins!

A lighter topic for today, Monday when school was canceled, Doug and I were already off work. So we stayed home and made banana mini muffins! Peyton really loves the store bought mini muffins, so I’d like to be able to make my own and stop buying them. Well three of the four of us […]

The day I got laid off

January 19 is a bitter and sweet day at the same time. I’ve been thinking about the bitter more today than I would have liked. I’ve never really written about that date in 2009. But as much as I want to concentrate on being positive right now… I feel comparable hopelessness on the eve of […]

Great fun with Badgers hockey!

Last Saturday we took the kids to the UW women’s hockey game vs. St. Cloud State. I heard about the “Fill the Bowl” game earlier in the week. All tickets were $1, perfect to take the kids for not a lot of money, so it was OK if we didn’t stay long. But we stayed […]

Beautiful January day

Funny how 30 degrees and sunny can feel balmy, but today it did! After all the cruddy weather this past week, I was looking forward to getting outside today! I ran my favorite route to Lake Waubesa and back, six miles! I stopped for pics in the middle. I wanted to walk out on the […]