Doughnut bakers

Allie got an American Girl desserts cookbook, an apron and an oven mitt (and small matching versions of the apron and oven mitt for her dolls!) for Christmas. So now she is all about helping Mama bake. Last weekend we made red velvet cupcakes from that cookbook. This weekend we used Mama’s new doughnut pan to bake doughnuts! Anyone who knows our family knows we love doughnuts. Why not experiment with baking doughnuts to lighten up our favorite breakfast?
I usually bake by myself, so I sometimes have a hard time letting Allie help. But we’ve had a lot of fun both times we’ve done it!
I decided to try this cinnamon buttermilk baked doughnuts recipe for our first try.
I realized it may have been better to get two doughnut tins, but actually it wasn’t all that bothersome to do two batches. I don’t have any piping tools, so I put the dough into a freezer bag and cut off a corner. I had two cut off two corners because I made the first one too big. That made it a bit more messy than it might have been!
But it wasn’t difficult and the kids enjoyed it!
Here’s the first batch in the oven!
For this recipe, you were supposed to dip the warm doughnut in cinnamon sugar as soon as it came out of the oven. I don’t know if there’s some kind of trick to this… it didn’t stick. So I melted some butter to make it stick. This may have made the doughnut a bit more rich than it might have been otherwise.
Not bad! The second batch turned out a little nicer looking, but they all tasted good!
This particular recipe was very thick batter and a very dense and filling doughnut.
I enjoyed the flavor as did Dada and Allie, but I’m not sure if Peyton was too impressed. He mainly played with his doughnuts. He did eat them a bit later though.
All in all, a good result for my first time baking doughnuts! I will try some other recipes of course and experiment a bit more with icing and glaze and such. While I’m sure nothing I make would replace a good bakery doughnut, it will be nice to have this indulgence a bit lighter!


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  1. They look so good!


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