I’ve been thinking a lot in our young new year about desire to improve. Natural for a new year, of course! But why not? A new year, new start. One night its 2016 and the next morning its 2017. What better time to renew ongoing goals and set new ones?

This blog is one thing I’ve been thinking about in context of improvement. Well, I actually started by thinking about whether I want to continue. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and I’ve really dropped off in my efforts over the past few years. 2016 has been woefully under-blogged. I let myself get a month or two behind and then get caught up, only to get behind again. I do still like blogging though, even if no one reads it (does anyone read this? Tell me if you read this). I like having this record of our lives and our family. So I decided I don’t want to stop, but I need some change. Should I change the format? Change to a different, picture-focused platform? I thought about that, but it didn’t fit.

What I’ve decided to do is to refocus the blog to refocus my perspective. I will still write about our family and running. But I also want to add more about other areas of improvement and things I like to do, like reading and baking. Occasionally, just writing. A big thing I’ve been thinking about lately, I will admit since the election, is working on staying positive and grateful. So in the end, after pondering for more hours than I care to admit, the title of the blog stays the same. But I’ve changed up the theme and added a motivational quote below a photo I took last fall of a particularly beautiful sunrise over Lake Monona, taken on the way to work, of all times! I love sunrise. I take a lot of pictures of sunrises and I love running at sunrise. I’ve been thinking about that inspiration in particular the last few months.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman

To be completely honest… I found this quote by searching for inspirational quotes. But it resonates! New year, new start… but every new day is a new start as well.

I was trying to change the title of the blog to something having to do with refocus. But it didn’t work. I was inspired by the quote, but I wasn’t able to come up with any witty new title to reflect the new focus and combine it with the old. So same title, refocused. I have spent a lot of time thinking about all of these things this weekend, and I hope to get all my ideas written down before I lose them! Stay tuned.


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