Running into 2017

I remember doing my end of the year running post for 2015 and being surprised I hadn’t made a specific list of my mileage totals for comparing… and then I didn’t actually do it! Well, this year I did! And I wasn’t quite sure, but I thought my highest mileage up to that point was 2012 when I was pregnant with Peyton. And I was right! I ran 750.4 miles in 2012… 464.3 of those pregnant!

I actually thought I was closer to 770 in 2012, so I wasn’t sure if 2016 was my record breaker. But it was! I ran 770.7 miles in 2016! My goal for last year was 700 and when it became sure that I’d pass that, I was hoping to get 800. But I cut back more than I meant to in the last couple months of the year. But I can’t complain about my highest mileage ever in 2016!

I was able to find my yearly tally back to 2010. I didn’t run many miles in 2009 and 2008 was before I kept track of my miles online.

  • My yearly totals:
  • 2016 770.7
  • 2015 639.6
  • 2014 623.9
  • 2013 231.3
  • 2012 750.4 (464.3 pregnant)
  • 2011 700
  • 2010 355.3
  • 2009 not many because of injury and then pregnancy
  • 2008 was when I had a paper running log

My goal for 2017 is to break 800 miles! I’ve had a slow start so far, but that’s January. I’m undecided about races. I think I’d like to run one half marathon, maybe two. But I think a bigger goal will be to break my 5K PR. I came really close in 2016, so I think I can do this in 2017!

The other thing I want to continue doing in 2017 is running with groups. I connected with a ladies running group on Facebook in the middle of 2015 and finally in 2016 found the time to get involved in group runs. I’ve always been slower and the first and only time I went on a group run I had been by myself the whole time. I connected with a few people just before I was pregnant with Peyton when I was a bit faster and I had enjoyed having the company and the speed. I’m faster again, but I think I’d be able to run with this group even if I was still slower, and I love that! I started running with a group on  Monday mornings last fall and I think that was a big reason I came so close to beating my 5K PR last fall. I’ve been involved in a few other group runs too. I really like this new social aspect to running.


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