The last few winter weekends

Two weeks ago we met my best friend Desiree and her family for dinner when they were traveling home from northern Wisconsin. I wish we lived closer together! Allie and Macenzie always take a little time to warm up to each other, but by the time its time to go, they’re the best of friends!

We can get pretty lazy on the weekends. Its common for the kids to stay in their jammies all day!

The weekends also tend to include a lot of pretend play. I think this one was a birthday party for one of Allie’s girls!

We play some games!

Peyton really loves his race track that Santa brought him for Christmas. The cars really use up the battery quick though. It lasted about a day before it died again, and we didn’t have more batteries at that moment!

Monk didn’t know what to make of the race cars.

We’re at the point in the winter where its wearing us down. Its easier to just stay home and stay warm and not mess with bundling up, but its better to get out so we don’t all go stir crazy like we did last weekend. Today we went to a special Disney enchanted tales showing of Frozen! Yes we have the DVD, but the ultrascreen beats the DVD any day. It was a nice time for a cold day and the kids were really good!

Allie really liked the recliner. Luckily Peyton didn’t pick up on that toy. He also didn’t see the little girl who was walking up and down the aisle, he stayed in his seat the whole time! Popcorn helps at the movies!



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