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Kind of a cheesy title, but in posting pics from the last few days, that’s what it is! A sunrise and my adorable kids. Today was kind of a cruddy day, but I have all that I need. 

I snapped a quick pic in the car of Monday’s sunrise as I was driving home from my group run in Verona. I’m so glad the sun is coming up earlier again!Ironman is here! No it’s just Peyts. School doesn’t “do” Valentine’s Day anymore, which I took as meaning no valentines at school. As it turns out kids did hand them out, they just didn’t do any real activity or anything… so I felt really bad we didn’t send any with Allie! She didn’t seem to mind though. She gave Peyton this Ironman a valentine that he really enjoyed. Filling cookie orders! We are doing so well so far on cookie sales (well, Allie is, but everyone knows it’s the parents who do most of the work when kids are young). We have plenty left! So order some!


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