The land of the living

Both my kids have birthdays in months that are high times of sickness. I suppose that could be true for any time of year with kids… but if my Facebook “On this Dayz” is any accurate representation, we spend a lot of October and February sick. Both the kids have spent birthdays and days following birthdays sick! That’s certainly been the case this February and stretching into March!

Dada has been sick off and on for almost a month. Mama started with a cold, went to the doctor with a terrible sore throat a couple Fridays ago for what was only a virus and not strep. Took prednisone to help that, then ended up with a bad ear infection from the fluid that accompanied this sinus infection. I’ve finished antibiotics but I’m still exhausted and my throat has continued to be scratchy! Not to mention my hearing is still not right. Then Peyton started getting sick at the same time as Mama and he ended up with a sinus infection as well. Mama and Peyton had the same medicine! Allie is the only one who hasn’t gotten it yet, maybe by this point she will be spared?

Anyway, the ear infection was much more disruptive than it should have been, it hurt so bad! So much for a photo a day in February!

The point of this post is we are back in the land of the living, well, with an asterisk. I don’t think any of us are feeling great. But we’re trying and here’s some pics from the last week that I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet. The weekend before last I was recovering but not able to really go out and do anything. But we decided to get out of the house and use the kids’ birthday gift cards from Toys ‘R’ Us. Peyton was very excited about his new truck.

Allie got a lego building set. I was going to help her put it together, but when I wasn’t paying my full attention she just took off and figured out most of it on her own!

Also pictured below, her new unicorn named Pegasus. She always picks a stuffed animal.

Peyton’s gotten really into Legos as well. He chose a truck building set. That goes along well with the excavator building set Mama and Dada got for his birthday!

I was so proud of Allie for putting together the Legos!

As Mama slowly felt better, Peyton also seemed to get better but then got worse again. We ended up taking him to the doctor and getting antibiotics for his sinus infection. The poor baby fell asleep on the couch that day… he hardly ever falls asleep outside his bed!

While Mama and Peyton were dealing with sick last week, Allie was enjoying Dr. Suess week at school. Wednesday was pajama day along with bring your favorite Suess book day. She chose One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. This certainly was her favorite when she was small! We read it to her all the time. It was so neat when she came home that day and read it to me and Peyton! Only the second half though… that’s a long one!

Thursday was crazy hair day. I don’t remember if it was my idea or her idea to do a bunch of pony tails. It turned out cute!

We still aren’t 100%. Hopefully we will be by this weekend because we’re going to St. Louis to see family and go to a family wedding!


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