Long weekend fun

We had a fun weekend! Saturday I ran the Run Madtown Twilight 5k and I had to pick up my face packet in the afternoon. I took the kids and we hung around Monona Terrace rooftop for a while. 

Then we spent some time playing outside at home and making our doughnuts!

The race was great! But more about that later. 

I loved that Doug and the kids could come!

Sunday we went to Brat Fest. 

This was my 12th Brat Fest. I moved to Madison before Doug in 2006 and by myself with nothing else to do Memorial Day weekend, I went to this little festival I read about in the paper. everything was a dollar at that time! In fact, I think I went two or three times that weekend. 

It’s so expensive now, but it’s a tradition. 

The highlight for the kids is the kids zone bounced houses, of course. Unfortunately this year that cost more too, but the kids took advantage of their three rides. 

We also went into the petting zoo! That was a big hit too.  

Then we hit our other tradition, the Mad City ski show!

It was a crazy weekend! Today we stayed home and did hard work. Got the kids to bed early tonight, thank goodness! Now we head into the short, but feeling long work week!


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