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Last week of school

Allie’s class published a book! Its all about what the kids want to be when they grow up! Allie wants to be a zookeeper. There were a few future zookeepers, but the most popular career choice was veterinarian and ninja! Look how well Allie is writing now! She’s also getting so good at reading. You’d […]

Long weekend fun

We had a fun weekend! Saturday I ran the Run Madtown Twilight 5k and I had to pick up my face packet in the afternoon. I took the kids and we hung around Monona Terrace rooftop for a while.  Then we spent some time playing outside at home and making our doughnuts! The race was […]

Long time no blog

I wrote in March about returning to the land of the living, but apparently I didn’t return to the land of blogging! But Mama got a Kindle Fire for Mother’s Day and I’ve just figured out Prime photos so I’m hoping blogging will be a bit more convenient and then I might post more! To […]

The land of the living

Both my kids have birthdays in months that are high times of sickness. I suppose that could be true for any time of year with kids… but if my Facebook “On this Dayz” is any accurate representation, we spend a lot of October and February sick. Both the kids have spent birthdays and days following […]

My favorites

Kind of a cheesy title, but in posting pics from the last few days, that’s what it is! A sunrise and my adorable kids. Today was kind of a cruddy day, but I have all that I need.  I snapped a quick pic in the car of Monday’s sunrise as I was driving home from […]

My almost-PR ┬áValentine’s 5k!

So I had planned to run the Shamrock Shuffle 5K for my first race of the year in March. But this week I realized I will be out of town that weekend at the same time I realized it was supposed to be nice this weekend and the UW Running Club Valentine’s 5K was today! […]

Good thing he’s so darn cute

Bedtime is such a challenge! Dinner that hasn’t been touched suddenly needs to be eaten, things need to be cleaned, or he just plays floppy fish and/or lays in the floor instead of getting ready for bed in a timely manner. Good thing he’s so darn cute.