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The land of the living

Both my kids have birthdays in months that are high times of sickness. I suppose that could be true for any time of year with kids… but if my Facebook “On this Dayz” is any accurate representation, we spend a lot of October and February sick. Both the kids have spent birthdays and days following […]

My favorites

Kind of a cheesy title, but in posting pics from the last few days, that’s what it is! A sunrise and my adorable kids. Today was kind of a cruddy day, but I have all that I need.  I snapped a quick pic in the car of Monday’s sunrise as I was driving home from […]

100 days smarter

Today was the 100th day of school! Allie was very excited and enjoyed telling us about her day. Wow… 100 days of school means first grade is more than half over!I’ve been posting lots of pics of Allie lately, I feel like I need to balance out the coverage! This is from a few days […]

Ramona Quimby

It was one of those surreal moments when earlier this week Allie brought home Ramona Forever! I read those books when I was a kid! Tonight we started reading it together, the first chapter. In the middle, I had to help Peyts so she pretended she was reading the book. She’s become quite a story […]

The last few winter weekends

Two weeks ago we met my best friend Desiree and her family for dinner when they were traveling home from northern Wisconsin. I wish we lived closer together! Allie and Macenzie always take a little time to warm up to each other, but by the time its time to go, they’re the best of friends! […]

Playing along

We found some college gymnastics on TV and Allie decided to “practice” along with them! We are planning on finally getting Allie signed up for gymnastics in the next couple weeks!

Ground hog day

Settling in for six more weeks of winter. For photo day 2…I should probably save some for a day I don’t have any, but when my kids are being this cute, I can’t pick just one! Peyts is such a character and keeps seeming more grown up as he approaches his fourth birthday. Allie had […]