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Elena and Marshall go trick-or-treating

At the end of birthday festivities…we have Halloween. Its fun for the kids and afterward I admit Mama and Dada have fun too. But cramming all those festivities into just a few days is exhausting! Halloween was on a Monday this year. So we rushed home and quickly ate pizza for dinner, got the kids […]

Carving our perfect pumpkins 

Last weekend we carved our pumpkins! Well, I did. Allie is probably old enough to do the gutting, but I did it all. And my arms hurt after!Couldn’t do much with Peyton’s little pumpkin, but he loved it! Until we took it away from him, he kept playing with it. The big pumpkins became a bat […]

Our perfect pumpkins

And suddenly October is almost over! Allie’s birthday and Halloween are upon us! The weekend before last we headed to Eplegaarden for our pumpkins. First we went on the hayride. We loved the horse-drawn ride! No trip to the pumpkin patch is complete without our annual how tall this fall picture! Love it! We decided to […]

Halloween at the Zoo

For Halloween 2015, introducing Rapunzel and Spider-Man! Today after Mama ran 10 miles, we headed to Halloween at the Zoo! We went last year for the first time and we’re hooked. Its fun combining trick-or-treating and seeing some animals! I just love their costumes! We got Rapunzel from Cousin Katy and Spider-Man from Wal-Mart last […]

Pumpkin day!

I’m only a week late on this! Last Saturday was pumpkin day! We usually go to Schuster’s Playtime Farm, but its so expensive. I don’t remember if it was the same price last year or they increased prices, but we didn’t want to spend that kind of money this year. So we broke tradition and […]