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Holiday roundup, part I

We did so many fun things in the holiday season! We started the weekend after Thanksgiving with the Downtown Madison holiday open house, seeing Santa, putting up the Christmas tree and making gingerbread cookies! The following weekend, first weekend in December, we went to a lighted firetruck parade! After the parade we went to the […]

This little boy

This little boy isn’t so little anymore. He’ll be 4 in less than a month and a half! He’s a handful for sure. He started trying to give up naps around Christmas a year ago and I’m pretty sure the naps are gone. I’m trying not to mind. There are definitely times when absence of […]

Elena and Marshall go trick-or-treating

At the end of birthday festivities…we have Halloween. Its fun for the kids and afterward I admit Mama and Dada have fun too. But cramming all those festivities into just a few days is exhausting! Halloween was on a Monday this year. So we rushed home and quickly ate pizza for dinner, got the kids […]

Now she’s 7

I can’t believe its already been nearly a month since Allie’s birthday! When we were planning on going to Minneapolis for Allie’s birthday weekend, we would have come home on her birthday. As it turned out, we went to Milwaukee Friday and came home Saturday, so we were home Sunday for the big day. It […]

Ghosts under glass

When we decided to go to Milwaukee on our long weekend, Doug looked for Halloween events and found Ghosts under Glass at the Milwaukee Domes. They had a haunted house and carnival games and of course the kids got to wear their costumes! Marshall and Princess Elena say hello! Peyts was so funny with his […]

Day off at the zoo

The weekend of Allie’s birthday was also a long weekend with Friday off school. We’d wanted to take a trip to Minneapolis. But Mama had a band concert that weekend and of course there was Allie’s birthday. We decided to take an overnight trip to Milwaukee instead because it was closer and cheaper. We had […]

Julie and Tim’s wedding!

The big event of our summer was our vacation in July for Aunt Julie and Uncle Tim’s wedding! So of course I’d wait to blog about it until October! Better late than never I guess! Flashing back to July 20, the day we drove to southern Illinois. That week was the hottest of the summer… […]