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Milwaukee Saturday morning

After a super busy day on Friday in Milwaukee, we slept in a bit on Saturday, but not enough. We woke up happy and with a mission: to eat breakfast quickly and then get to swimming before check out time! These are the white tigers the kids got at the zoo. We bought them one […]

Blue Mound State Park

Last weekend was so hot, we finally decided it was time to go somewhere to go swimming. I had heard about the pool at Blue Mound State Park, so I suggested we go there. Even though you have to pay to drive into the park, its the cheapest public pool around here! I’ve been thinking […]

Summer lovin’

Two weeks! How did I let the blog go two weeks without posting? Its not for lack of things to write about. We’ve been so busy and I’ve been working on various chores at night and I don’t particularly like to get the computer out in the evenings! We are definitely enjoying our summer fun! […]

Pool time

Our neighbor gave us a kiddie pool to use because they got a big pool. Allie has been asking every day to go swimming. The kids have had a fun time playing in the pool with no water in it. Today was finally the day when we filled it up! For all the excitement leading […]