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Ramona Quimby

It was one of those surreal moments when earlier this week Allie brought home Ramona Forever! I read those books when I was a kid! Tonight we started reading it together, the first chapter. In the middle, I had to help Peyts so she pretended she was reading the book. She’s become quite a story […]

Dose of cute

This morning we had to dust off the car and Peyton went out with Dada to help. It was so adorable! He took it so seriously. He also helped Bridget with her car later too.  Today I’m starting a consistent effort to be more positive. I was thinking about this earlier this month, but he […]

The day I got laid off

January 19 is a bitter and sweet day at the same time. I’ve been thinking about the bitter more today than I would have liked. I’ve never really written about that date in 2009. But as much as I want to concentrate on being positive right now… I feel comparable hopelessness on the eve of […]


I’ve been thinking a lot in our young new year about desire to improve. Natural for a new year, of course! But why not? A new year, new start. One night its 2016 and the next morning its 2017. What better time to renew ongoing goals and set new ones? This blog is one thing […]

Farewell 2016

We had plans for tonight that we had to cancel because of a sick kid. I spent a good amount of time today being mad about it and having a bad attitude. But it wasn’t all bad. Since we didn’t go out, I had time to squeeze in one more run in 2016. I ran […]


Doug and I went to bed after midnight in Tuesday. Really I could have gone to bed an hour or two earlier as I’d realized that what was happening was not what we wanted. To say I’m upset is an understatement. In spite of being so tired already all week and that I wouldn’t get […]

What sticks with me on the eve of the next four years

I don’t do politics. But I think it would be difficult to not do politics after living through this election. I’ve paid more attention and learned more than I probably ever knew¬†about the democratic process. How can you NOT pay attention to this election? I remember when I was first hearing about Donald Trump in […]