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Last week of school

Allie’s class published a book! Its all about what the kids want to be when they grow up! Allie wants to be a zookeeper. There were a few future zookeepers, but the most popular career choice was veterinarian and ninja! Look how well Allie is writing now! She’s also getting so good at reading. You’d […]

Long weekend fun

We had a fun weekend! Saturday I ran the Run Madtown Twilight 5k and I had to pick up my face packet in the afternoon. I took the kids and we hung around Monona Terrace rooftop for a while.  Then we spent some time playing outside at home and making our doughnuts! The race was […]

Long time no blog

I wrote in March about returning to the land of the living, but apparently I didn’t return to the land of blogging! But Mama got a Kindle Fire for Mother’s Day and I’ve just figured out Prime photos so I’m hoping blogging will be a bit more convenient and then I might post more! To […]

Christmas roundup part II: Zoo lights 

Before we left on our Christmas trip, Aunt Jocie came for dinner and then we went to see the zoo lights! This was the first year the zoo put this event on and it was so fun! Only a month and a half late, I still wanted to share. Aunt Jocie is in grad school […]

A hike is always better with ice cream

No summer is complete without a trip to the Union Terrace! We went some time in July… maybe if I blogged more often I could remember the date! We took a nice hike on the Lakeshore Path. Well it was nice, except Peyton fell and skinned his knee and got blood on my shirt and […]

Fun day in the water

During vacation in August, we had a fun day at the splash pad! We started out with a trip to the Girl Scout store where Allie got a new doll with money she’d saved. Then we had a picnic and splashed for a while. It was a great day for it because it was really […]

Here’s our first grader!

Allie just finished her second week of first grade. It sounds like its pretty good… from what little information we can get out of her. All she ever tells us is that she plays a lot. I’m sure she does but I’m pretty sure she’s learning too! Here’s the pictures from the first day! We […]