Today was the 100th day of school! Allie was very excited and enjoyed telling us about her day. Wow… 100 days of school means first grade is more than half over!I’ve been posting lots of pics of Allie lately, I feel like I need to balance out the coverage! This is from a few days […]

It was one of those surreal moments when earlier this week Allie brought home Ramona Forever! I read those books when I was a kid! Tonight we started reading it together, the first chapter. In the middle, I had to help Peyts so she pretended she was reading the book. She’s become quite a story […]

Before we left on our Christmas trip, Aunt Jocie came for dinner and then we went to see the zoo lights! This was the first year the zoo put this event on and it was so fun! Only a month and a half late, I still wanted to share. Aunt Jocie is in grad school […]

I love working downtown!

I’d just like to see the Patriots lose, is that so much to ask? I didn’t love the game, but I loved my run this afternoon before the game. It marked my first four-run week in a couple months and with 16 miles it’s my longest mileage in a while too! Runs and pictures like […]

Two weeks ago we met my best friend Desiree and her family for dinner when they were traveling home from northern Wisconsin. I wish we lived closer together! Allie and Macenzie always take a little time to warm up to each other, but by the time its time to go, they’re the best of friends! […]

We found some college gymnastics on TV and Allie decided to “practice” along with them! We are planning on finally getting Allie signed up for gymnastics in the next couple weeks!